Colson | Fresh 48 | Richmond, VA

Several months ago I had the JOY of photographing Colson’s Birth, Fresh 48, and Newborn sessions!

I’m sharing his Fresh 48 session because I just love it so much and I know his mommy does too! He is already almost 5 months old and has changed so much.

I love doing Fresh 48 Sessions so much!! There is seriously nothing as precious as a fresh, newborn baby. The emotions that come with welcoming a new baby to your family are so wonderful, and words cannot describe them. I love these sessions because they have the power of documenting a time that, though so amazing and beautiful, is also often a blur looking back. The first few days after the birth of a baby are full of emotions and exhaustion, and you will not regret having such a beautiful documentation of such a special time in your life!!

(By the way, I do offer discounted “Baby Packages” when client’s book two or more baby related sessions, message me for details!)

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