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I cannot believe that on the first of this month our sweet baby girl turned ONE! Time has been literally flying it feels like, as we have another baby on the way due to meet us in just a few short weeks.

Eden Grace, you have brought a JOY to our lives we didn’t know we were missing. Your smile lights up a room, and you haven’t met a stranger. I hope you continue you fill other’s faces with a contagious smile as long as you live! You are wild like your brother, but also oh so sweet. There is just that something special about you that makes you YOU. You love to be held by mommy and daddy, you just now (praise the Lord) sleep through the night, you have 10 gorgeous big teeth you LOVE to show off, you adore your big brother, you play well alone, you love the bath, and you are a bit picky about your food (but we could just be use to your crazy brother who eats anything and everything).

We wouldn’t trade you for the world, and we are so thankful you are a part of our family. We cannot wait to see you be a big sister and continue to look up to your big brother.

Here’s to another year of loving YOU, our sweet baby girl!!

On Eden’s birthday we did nothing “special” and yet it was the best day. It started early with me and Micah in the attic at 6 AM looking for a “one” balloon and helium (props of being crafty and having basically a party store in my attic LOL). Then we made birthday pancakes for the birthday princess, and Micah blew out candles too because “remember mommy? i’m three!!” (<3). The rest of the day I just kind of followed her around with my camera and captured some really precious, everyday memories that I love so much and never want to forget.

A blog with her more “styled” first birthday portraits is to come, but enjoy a peek at our extraordinary, simple, perfect day.


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