Cove 3rd Birthday | In Home Session | Buckingham, Va

This was just a short session for a friend (so not an entire session a client would receive), but I am sharing it because I just LOVE how the photos turned out. I would so love to book more in-home/lifestyle sessions, so I am just showing these off so you can see how beautiful they can be! So simple and so clean.

I love the small details like Cove’s “lipstick” and the close up of her sweet toes and dirty boots. I know these will make her mommy’s heart smile so big when she looks back, and she will cherish these photos forever! They tell a story of a magical day at home.

Also, we improvised on the pap-tart cake last minute because we just thought it would be fun and didn’t have anything else “prepared.” I love it so much!!

I honestly could not pick a favorite! What is yours?

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