Virginia May | Fresh 48 | Charlottesville, VA

This morning I had the privileged of photographing beautiful baby Virginia May at only 24 hours old!

Jill and I “met” on instagram (she is another local and talented photographer), so I was thrilled when she asked me to do her family’s photos during this special time. She and Matt were so kind and friendly and made the experience delightful. Big brother Jimmy was able to join us for some photos, and sweet Virginia I don’t think made a peep the entire time. She was such a sweet doll!

I really love Fresh 48 Sessions. I wish I could do more of them, but honestly I don’t have a ton of clients book them. Of course I love doing all types of photography related to motherhood and babies (hence my focus ;), but Fresh 48 Sessions are just so special and underrated in my opinion. If I had to pick between that and maternity I would pick Fresh 48 for sure (client’s ask me that often). There is nothing more precious than those sacred first hours after a baby is born. It is amazing how much a newborn will change between just being born and their newborn session (around 1-2 weeks of age)!

I think some people have reservations because it is such a personal time, and trust me I do not take that lightly. I am so honored to have a small window of time to document these precious memories. I try to keep these sessions short and unposed (of course I will give direction if you prefer). I always chat about that with client’s beforehand as to which way they lean- some of my clients want and love direction and some want to keep it all natural/lifestyle. Either way you cannot go wrong, and I promise you… if you do a Fresh 48 Session… you will not regret it. <3

Did you do one with your babies? I want to know what you think! <3




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