Ezra’s First Week Home

On March 17, 2020 we welcomed our third child, Ezra James to the world! He has been a wild card so far compared to our first two babies… his siblings came on their own when I was 36 and 37 weeks pregnant, however he was in no hurry to get out. I ended up having a c-section at 40 weeks because he was breech (and yes, we tried all the things to turn him. He was not interested 😉 ) I never would have though I would have been pregnant that long, or had a c-section. It felt like an eternity and yet also felt like it was flying by and I was grateful for the extra time…

Any who, thankfully everything worked out wonderfully, and we are home safe and healthy. I also never would have guessed I would have given birth during a pandemic, but here we all are… there were no visitors allowed at the hospital. I was giving birth right when things were starting to escalade. We had planned for a friend to take photos during his birth, and the day before the hospital changed the policy for one support person only- sad day!

I am so grateful I was able to document him coming into the world, even if it weren’t to the extent as I had wanted. I wasn’t planning on having to recover from a c-section which made it much harder, but thankfully my amazing husband was patient with me and helped me capture a few while we were still in the hospital!

He is now almost three weeks old, and we are all adjusting to life as a family of 5. I can hardly believe it. Though this current crisis is bringing a lot of stress and sadness to the world, we are so grateful to be home and healthy and enjoying this time together as a family. We could not be happier with our family or more grateful.

Here is a sneak peek of his first week home, I hope you enjoy seeing a peek into our lives!

I will cherish these photos forever, I’ve already ordered a book of his first week home so I can enjoy it in print! <3


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