Mommy and Me Session

Recently, I had the chance to take these gorgeous photos with my babies. We did not have newborn photos made (taken by anyone other than myself), so I was so so excited to get these captured, and get to be in them, while Ezra is still so small (2.5 months in these).  Getting behind the camera every now and then is so important mamas! It is not easy, trust me, I know. My house was chaos only 20 minutes before these photos, but I took a deep breath and told myself it would be perfect however it worked out (thinking it was NOT going to workout in the moment)… and they ended up turning out perfect. These are photos that I am going to cherish so dearly in years to come.  They mean the world to me.

The Lord has blessed me greatly with three beautiful children… I love being their mama… it is my favorite and most important job.

-Also thank you a million to my sweet friend, Candice, for capturing these for me… best gift ever. <3


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