Brock Family | My thoughts on preserving memories…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing the Brock family at my farm. They were such a treat! Their sweet children, Henry (3) and Carter (2), are the exact same age difference as my Eden and Ezra! They were as precious as they were beautiful.

It always bring me so much joy to photograph families in the same stage of life as me, with small children. It is such a special time, and it goes by all too fast. Having quality photos done is an investment that only gets more valuable with time. I tell my client’s the work I do for them is only 50% for them to enjoy now. The other 50% is for cherishing down the road… when the moments are lost in the chaos and busyness of the world… When time is not forgiving and goes by all too fast… When little feet no longer echo down the hall… when little bodies no longer fill your lap, and are only in your heart. I’ve helped make sure these memories are safe… a tangible reservoir to tap into and re-live the precious moments. To fill your heart with love, joy, tears, and gratefulness.

Invest in photographs, friends… you will never regret it. <3



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